Shalom Agtarap牧师

“清空您的头脑,变得无形,无形-就像水一样。现在,您将水放入杯子中,它变成杯子了……您将其放入茶壶中,它变成了茶壶。” – Bruce Lee

This classic line: “be like water” reverberated in my mind days after visiting 丹尼斯 Paschke, the pastor at Orting United Methodist Church and executive director of the Orting Recovery Cafe, which celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, November 17. After a quick tour of the new facility, our conversation turned to deeper questions about formation: 他从哪儿获得了启动该部门并运行的技能?是什么促使他进入社区,寻求他们的需求和能力的?在振兴Orting UMC方面,有哪些鲜活的经验强调与编程的关系?

Shalom Agratap,新教会创新副主任

Embedded deep in 丹尼斯’ calling is John Wesley’s credo personal faith leads to social justice and transformation. He says, “We have a presence in many communities as United Methodists, but we don’t always have credibility because we simply aren’t the change for Christ we profess to be. Never underestimate that a small group of committed disciples, together with Christ, can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. We already have what we need to change the world for the better.”


一年多以前,在进行了一次基于资产的社区发展(ABCD)培训之后, 全民教会, 丹尼斯 was appointed to Orting UMC. The funding from the Board of Congregational Development (BOCD) enabled him to give his full time and attention to the people of Orting. In place. In his own flesh. Incarnate in the neighborhood.

丹尼斯 broke the mold, fully engaging as a leader in the community by attending city council meetings and serving as a City Commissioner. What 丹尼斯 uncovered was that within every community, people are looking for leadership and for answers.

阿片类药物危机严重打击了这个社区–在2017年春季,这座城市达到了临界点,处理了大量的药物过量和三名青年死亡。市议会的会议挤满了人们,社交媒体洋溢着情感– some were angry, some deeply sorrowful, some felt hopeless, others helpless. The heart of the community was broken, but out of that brokenness, says 丹尼斯, “转变。这正是教会在社区中发挥领导作用的时候。”

In that moment of brokenness, 丹尼斯 quickly learned that people in Orting and adjacent communities were desperate for “a different tomorrow” –没有阿片类药物成瘾带来的毫无意义的死亡和破碎的家庭的明天–那些受苦受难者及其家人的明天– a tomorrow where ‘the least of these’ 有希望和康复的地方。

Rev. 丹尼斯 Paschke cuts the ribbon, officially opening Orting’s Recovery Cafe.

丹尼斯’对社区的深刻了解’需求使他和他的会众与其他渴望解决问题的人进行了长达一年的合作。皮尔斯县检察官和市政府一起’办公室,各种医疗保健提供者和关注家庭的组织’ and children’s wellness, they studied models for for those wrestling with addiction and chose Seattle-based Recovery Cafe. 丹尼斯, the church and their community partners quickly got to work planning and fundraising to make the Cafe a reality.

随着咖啡馆的推出成为现实,丹尼斯对联合卫理公会教堂大声好奇’s role saying, “老实说,我为我们成为一个愿意改变的机构而奋斗并祈祷–成为我们社区渴望的变化。”据丹尼斯说,这是“卫理公会的精神基因”。丹尼斯认为,尽管教会在与社区息息相关的工作中经常会努力挣扎,但要做的只是改变“愿意积极倾听我们所服务社区中发生的人员和事件的意愿。”他说,好消息是,“如果您问和听,人们会告诉您如何在自己的社区再次树立信誉。”


During our time together, 丹尼斯 shared the lessons of one who is willing to challenge the way we have lived and moved in the world as a church; lessons that are helpful in being like water and fully embracing the people God asks us to love.

    丹尼斯 Paschke, Pastor, Orting United Methodist Church
  1. 信誉度:每个牧师和每个会众都应该为这个问题而努力,“我可信吗?我们可信吗?”我们如何在一个社区中既代表耶稣又代表教会,又如何成为可靠的见证和令人信服的变革声音?将我们所有的时间都花在教堂里可以与世界沟通,社区’问题大于我们的上帝。约翰·卫斯理说,‘世界是我的堂堂’。卫斯理也这样说:‘个人圣洁(或我们的追求)导致‘social holiness’. You really can’没有一个就没有另一个。
  2. 优雅地领导: 领导者必须乐于与情商进行激烈的讨论,并赢得受托领导的人的尊重。如果我们不愿意以恩典和同情心倾覆我们社区中的每一块石头,不了解我们社区与之搏斗的方方面面,看看每个问题的各个方面,那么我们可以’不能期望成为领导者。耶稣在他的整个传道工作中始终在前进,深刻地聆听并铲除系统性的(社会的)邪恶。
  3. 教会必须放弃让我们处于现状的思维定势。 我们必须放弃所有人的万物。我们可以发现一两件事,而我们深为充满激情,并以能代表某种东西而闻名。回顾我们的遗产:卫斯理医疗中心,学校,大学,孤儿院。这些建立了我们的信誉–表明我们愿意为我们相信的东西而死–并令人信服地做好。

丹尼斯 desires none of the spotlight, but we highlight these lessons learned in the hope that followers of Jesus throughout our Conference will be inspired to engage imaginative solutions to community problems and find success, find life, when we flow like water, rather than stand like a stone.

Shalom Agtarap牧师 担任新教堂创新副总监和大西北地区成员’s 创新活力团队.